Everything about Returns

Have you received an order and you want to return it for whatever reason, that's no problem at all. We don't make things difficult. You can return for FREE within 14 days of receiving your order.

Check immediately upon receipt whether you have received everything in good order and everything is as expected.

Are you not satisfied with the delivery, the quality or is the item not in order? We do everything we can to make you happy again. Mail us at info@zusenzomer.nl.

We offer a simple returns process. What are the necessary steps:

1. Visit the link below. Enter here the order number (see packing slip or order confirmation) and your zip code. After this you can register your return with a few clicks and print the free return label. Unfortunately, it is temporarily not possible to return without a printer.

Link to register return and for return label >>

2. The items must be returned in their original condition and undamaged. To be on the safe side with the old packing slip. Make sure the package is well packed.

3. Stick the return label on the package (possibly over the old label)

4. You can drop off the package  for free  at a DHL Parcelshop or other service point. There is always one nearby. When registering, the nearest service points are mentioned. Save your proof of shipment.

5. After receipt of the return, we will refund the total amount of the returned items (including shipping costs if the entire order is returned) within the statutory 14 days. You will receive a confirmation as soon as we have refunded it to your account.

Pack the return items in the same shipping bag/box (if still usable) or in a different outer box to prevent damage during transport.

Please keep your proof of shipment in connection with the possible loss of the package.

Excluded from returns are:

   Items that are damaged or used.

   Articles purchased other than via ZusenZomer.

ZusenZomer reserves the right to refuse returns or to credit only part of the invoice amount if the product has already been used or damaged.

Unfortunately, this is only possible by returning the item to be exchanged. The above procedure applies. You can then order the new item in the shop. As soon as ZusenZomer has received the item to be exchanged, we will refund the purchase price of the item concerned.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the return or exchange of our products, please send us an email to info@zusenzomer.nl.

Omdat wij zijn overgestapt naar een ander magazijn, is er een andere procedure voor orders hoger na NL.....

Hiervoor bezoek je de link:


Hierin vul je je ordernummer en het emailadres en kun je je retourorder aanmelden. Je ziet meteen de retourlabel op het scherm en in je e-mail. Met je mobiel laat je dit zien bij het servicepunt om jouw pakketje te retourneren. Er is dan in de meeste gevallen geen printer nodig!